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An Epiphone Joe Pass Emperor II jazz guitar in natural finish with gold hardware. Made in Korea in 2..


Fender Squier JV Strats are becoming increasingly collectable and this 1984 example is no different...


A USA made 1989 Fender Eric Clapton Signature Stratocaster finished in Torino Red. A beautiful instr..


In excellent condition this 1988 Fender Strat Plus comes finished in Lake Placid Blue and in full or..


In absolutely A1 condition this Pewter 1988 Fender Strat Plus comes with a Fender case, some case ca..


A made in Korea Fender E10 serial numbered Squire Strat in Lake Placid Blue. This type of colour var..


A used Vintage Modified Fender Squier Jazz Master in white with Duncan Designed single coil JM101 pi..


This 1988 Fender Strat Plus comes finished in a gorgeous soft Lake Placid Blue and in full original ..


This used 1994 Fender Strat Plus comes finished in Blue Pearl Burst and in all original spec. Neck a..


A rare and beautiful Japanese 1989 Ibanez Jem 77FP Floral Pattern guitar designed by Steve Vai and i..


A near immaculate example of an Ibanez Jem 7VWH, made in 1994 and complete with non-original Hiscox ..


An almost immaculate Ibanez Jem 555 BK finished in gloss black with DiMarzio Evolution pickups. ..


A stunning used Jackson Soloist SLXFMG finished in trans red with high output EMG humbuckers, lockin..


Made in England this Patrick Eggle New York Plus guitar comes finished in Trans Red with one humbuck..


This used Vintage VWB9001BK Metal Axxe Bass comes in fabulous condition with looks and attitude to m..

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