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Line6 POD HD300 Multi Effects Pedal

[Line 6 Pod-HD 300]

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The Line6 POD HD300 Multi Effects Pedal & Modeler is the only guitar effects pedal to sport 16 state-of-the-art Line 6 HD amp models, over 100 modern and vintage styled M-class effects, and a fully featured digital and analog I/O. The HD amp models break with the accepted standard in that they feel, behave, and interact with previously unheard of realism.

More than 10-times the amplifier information is processed than before, including single-ended class A tube stages, class AB push/pull interactions, power supply behavior, and more. This results in unprecedented, warmth, feel, sustain, and articulation.

Tube amp fanatics have long stated that their favorite stacks and combos aren’t just “amps,” but instruments in their own right. New POD HD modeling takes the experience to that same exalted level, capturing the genuine playability that great guitarists demand.

Line 6 M13 and M9 Stompbox Modelers, M-class FX are the new stage-standards. The POD HD300 features over 80 M-class effects to craft your sound. With this huge tonal palette to play with, you can sound like anyone under the sun… or just be yourself using up to 8 FX at once.

25+ distortions (from classic pedal distortion to thick metal chunk), EQs and compressors, and pitch effects. 30+ analog and digital delays (including cool tube and solid-state tape echoes), wahs, and reverbs (from spring, to studio plates, to digital rooms)

25+ phasers, filters (including several custom filters) and other mods (including blackface style opto and bias-modulating tremolos, choruses, and rotary speaker).

In addition POD HD300 functions as a powerful looping, pitch shifting, and harmonizing processor. Scale from an instantly routable signal chain up to the a MIDI switching system and beyond, (store a full rig per “slot” with total flexibility and quick access).

Smart FX make it a breeze to quickly dial in your tone, and the included, easy to use editor software supports your tonal needs. A snapshot of the back panel shows 1/4” and XLR outputs (mono/stereo), USB, MIDI in and out/thru, S/PDIF out, FX loop (mono/stereo), guitar and mic aux ins with mic level, Variax connection, expression pedal input and a L6 LINK jack for easy integration with Line 6 DT50 tube amplifiers.

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Price : £275.00
Currency : GBP
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