Individual FX And Multi Effects Units / Pedals For Guitar

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Mooer SD Synth Drum rhythm unit. Synth Drum is a new kind of electronic hand drum. It adopts metal m..


Mooer MPO2 Tender Octaver Effects Pedal.Precise polyphonic octave effects with no distorted sound11 ..


Mooer MBO1 Thunderball Bass Overdrive Effects Pedal.Bass distortionFull metal shellVery small and ex..


Mooer MTR1 Trelicopter Optical Tremolo Effects Pedal.Classic optical tremolo with a huge range of sp..


Mooer MTS1 Trescab Speaker Sim Effects Pedal.5 selectable boxes configurations,low/dis. control adju..


Mooer MFZ2 Triangle Buff Fuzz Effects Pedal.Legendary rich, creamy, violin-like sound. Very nice fuz..


Mooer MDS4 Ultra Drive MkII Dist Effects Pedal.Three Working Modes: Original/Extra/UltraOriginal: Pr..


Mooer MTRM1 Varimolo Tremolo Effects Pedal..


Mooer VEMBOX Vembox Voice FX Box + Pedal.8 Effect Modules & 54 Effect Types40 Preset Patches &am..


Mooer MWW Wahter Wah Effects Pedal..


Mooer MCS2 Yellow Comp Optical Effects Pedal.Classic optical compressing sound with smooth attack an..


Three killer amps sound Clean, Blues and Rock.Three variable speed modulation effects including Chor..


Effects pedal power supply with switchable voltage and polarity outputs to suit most pedals, Adaptor..


P003C Power Supply - Regulated 1000mA, 6DC adaptor plugs, 3-12V DC, LED Indicator, Switchable Output..


P003B Power Supply - Regulated 600mA, 6DC adaptor plugs, 3-12V DC, LED Indicator, Switchable Output,..


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