Seymour Duncan Antiquities Telecaster 5-Way Tap Pickup.

Seymour Duncan Antiquity Series pickup for Fender Telecaster guitar. Bridge position for custom 5-way tapped switching circuit. Using vintage techniques, each pickup is hand-fabricated and scatter-wound. All parts of the pickup are aged and given the look of a pickup played for 40 years! Like the originals, the ferrous bottom plates are not wax-potted for that "breakin'-up Tele twang tone" that's just on the verge of feedback. The pickups are Dun-Aged and come with mounting hardware, schematics, and tons of tone! The hookup wire is the classic "push back" cloth braid wire.

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Seymour Duncan Antiquities Telecaster 5-Way Tap Pickup

  • £151.95
  • £144.35

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